How to start a balanced breakfast


We need to take the time to have breakfast every day. We are continually told ourselves that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it is indeed so. After a restful night, spent without drinking and without nourishing ourselves, it is necessary to sit calmly and eat. We need to provide the body with the doses of calories and micro and macro essential nutrients.

Some people skip breakfast instead, usually with an apology “I don’t have time to do it” or “I’m not hungry in the morning”. Know instead that it is a habit that you must learn. In fact, breakfast should provide the body with around 20% of its energy intake every day . Those who are on a diet then cannot really afford not to eat in the morning because having breakfast gives satiety and prevents over-eats during subsequent meals.

Why is it so important to have breakfast every day?

  • Breakfast is above all a source of energy. The energy spent during the night when we rest must be acquired again. Precisely for this reason in the morning we have to take carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fiber and minerals.
  • It allows you to enjoy a prolonged sense of satiety. You don’t arrive at lunchtime ready to eat pretty much anything.
  • Food is the fuel of our body and without it the mind also suffers negatively. If we do not have breakfast our memory is affected and also our ability to concentrate. You become irritable and tired.
  • Skipping breakfast makes it easier to drop the afternoon in high-calorie snacks and other temptations.
  • Breakfast immediately turns the metabolism on. It should be kept awake all day long if we want our body to dispose of the extra pounds.
  • Nourishing ourselves immediately in the morning reduces according to the experts the risks for children.
  • Finally, a point that certainly interests athletes, breakfast intervenes both for development and for the maintenance of our muscle mass.

It has been designed to give essential nutrients to the body and improve hydration. There are three incredible products: formula 1, concentrated aloe with herbs and herbal infusion.

Formula 1 offers a low-calorie replacement meal that brings the right nutrients. Then there is Aloe concentrated with herbs, refreshing and able to hydrate the body well. Finally there is the herbal infusion, it is a tea-based, energizing and draining mixture.

This special breakfast gives the right caloric and nutritional contribution and gives a sense of satiety thus limiting snacks. It is also easy to prepare and if combined with proper nutrition it allows weight control. These are three truly excellent products that can surely help you find your nutritional balance.