Factors to Consider When Choosing a Disability Employment Service (DES) Providers

Disability employment service providers, or simply DES providers, are individuals in Australia that help the vulnerable in the community in terms of disability, mental health conditions, or injury to find meaningful jobs and work in a conducive environment.

The Australian government came up with this service and does not charge a single penny. It has helped to empower many people with disabilities and encourage them to work hard rather than beg for favours. It has also helped to increase productivity in various organisations since a person may be physically disabled but mentally stable and productive.

However, as a person with a disability, you should check the following things before you contact a given DES provider.

Tips for finding the best DES provider

  • Instil belief in their subjects

We must all agree that finding a meaningful job as a person with a disability is hard. It is even harder if you are on your own without any kind of help from a DES provider. The first thing that a DES provider should instil in you is the belief that you have great potential. That, together with the belief in decent jobs to transform the lives of people with disabilities, will give you the confidence you need to pursue your dreams.

  • Perfect job trainer

The provider must ensure that you have competent skills that can help you at work by giving you crucial training that can sharpen your aptitudes. They are usually taken for a personal coach, just like in sports. He or she will train you until you become fit for a given job then releases you into the world.

  • Should have the right sources

After thorough training under the DES provider, you will need a job where you can showcase your skills. However, you will not find it easily if you are looking at it by yourself. So the DES provider that you approach should have the right connections from which you can get in touch and secure a nice job. This lessens the burden for you, because you may not be physically fit to move from one office to another in search of a job.

  • Listen and understand your unique concerns

Well, several kinds of disabilities occur from person to person. It would be disastrous if a DES provider treats all his subjects equally and gives them the same training. A good DES provider first listens to your unique needs, understands your concerns, and lastly plan with you and your unique schedule. The DES provider should also avail of the necessary resources that you may need while practicing. This is a crucial point and it should be on top of your list.

  • Excellent communication skills

You also have to find a DES provider that is a good communicator – probably one that may understand your unique ways of communicating. Once you have a common way of communicating, it will be easy to pass information in a precise manner.

Where do you get the best DES providers?

Many big cities in Australia have the best DES providers, some of which operate worldwide. So if you happen to be in Australia, finding a suitable DES provider should not be a problem for you because there is no cost for seeking their services. We hope that other countries will follow suit in emulating what the Australian government is doing to people living with disability to contribute through work.